Is America a country?

For the vast majority of Americans, America is a continent and not a country, discounting the United states, in general Americans do not recognize  «America» as a country, USA is simply another country in the American continent. For most americans the United States has kidnapped the name of the continent.

The official name of E.U. is: United States of America, do not put all that name only use «America», like Mexicans do, whose official name is the United Mexican States, which only use Mexico to shorten the official name of the country, similar case of the previously called the United States of Venezuela, which is now the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, which only use Venezuela, to shorten the official name of its country

America is a continent not a country.

Don’t belive it?, well, simply  take a diccionary a look for the word America , you’ll be able to see the definition of  Americanad the result will be that it is a continent.
When Columbus discovered America, he landed in Cuba, not on the continental US.
It’s fair to say that any person born is US is american, but so is anybody who is born in the american continent. When we say “America” and mean the US, we’re claiming incorrect geography. It would be like the Germans calling themselves “Europe” or the Japanese claiming exclusivity to “Asia.
Many of our patriotic songs, such as «God Bless America,» and «America the Beautiful» refer to the United States  and not to North, Central or South America.  In my experience, people from anywhere on this continent other than the U.S.A. refer to themselves as Colombian, Canadian, Mexican, Chilean, Puerto Rican, etc. although all of them are Americans.
The name of the country refers to those states that are located in the american continent, with time the citizens of those states called themselves americans, wich is correct, so can any person born in the american contienent.

The definition of this content is:
It is the second largest land mass on the planet, with an area of 42,262,142 km2.

Until the last decades of the twentieth century, the theory of late bending predominated, believing that the human being arrived on this continent about twelve or fourteen thousand years ago, through the Bering Strait. However, more recent research supports a much earlier early settlement, and other alternative routes to Beringia.

Currently, it has a population of about 900 million inhabitants. Its great extension makes it have all types of climates.

The main countries that make up the continent, Mexico, the United States and Canada, are oil producers.

Due to the great cultural differences, we have a division of the continent in North America, Central America and South America.