Can we afford Universal health care for all

Our national health care system is a disgrace. It’s not the best system in the world but it is one of the most expensive of all.

I’ve spent last summer a few weeks in Spain, my brother lives there for quite a while,  and I simply could not believe such a wonderful health care system they have. Everybody in Spain has the right to use the system, even illegal aliens can use the system too, in a few words, eveerybody.

The Spanish health system is in the top ten worldwide. Health expenditure in this country per capita stands at $8,713 compared to Spain $3.000. This is confirmed by a new report published in the magazine The Lancet, which places Spain in eighth place in a ranking that classifies care and access to healthcare in 195 countries around the world. USA is 35th in this ranking.

A decisive fact is that the State contributes only 48% of everything that is invested in health, which throws the country to position 117 in the comparison with the rest of the world. It is logical that it does not reach 95.6% of Cuba, where almost everything is state-owned, but it is striking that it is so far from nations with comparable levels of investment. For example, in Switzerland, which within the group of rich countries is among those with the lowest public investment, it reaches 66%, 18 more points.

The consequence of this distribution is that health is very expensive for users. In a society that has a growing problem of income inequality, this leaves a significant part of the population in a precarious and vulnerable situation. In the United States, Health has become(is) a business rather than a right.

We all deserve care when we are ill

As a result, Americans pay more money for medical treatment or medicine than a European patient. USA it does not have a body that negotiates between insurers, hospitals and patients, a situation that affects, for example, the cost of medicines. Americans pay much higher prices for medicines than Europeans.

In the United States, each insurer and hospital is on its own, so there are thousands of negotiators with a very fragmented market. There, distributors can better enforce their law. This is terrible for the people. If you have money to pay a treatment the system works perfect, but if you don’t…. good luck to you. This system is garbage. Together, these reasons help explain why U.S. life expectancy has, for the first time since the 1960s, recently gone down for two years in a row.

This is awful, only rich people can have the best treatment possible. Health care should not be a business. I think the system we have responds only to the greed that our politicians have. They do not work for us, they work for them and the interests they represent. Our politicians are responsible for filling us with false ideas and beliefs, which we have the best possible health system, but only a few kilometers north is Canada where they have what we do not have, a responsible public health system.

Of course, we can afford a good public health system and a good one, Make America great again in health care.

Alexandria Ocasio-Corteza and Bernie Sanders are talking about this, the good news is that people are starting to listen. They want to have a public health system like Spain, and let me sya that We deserve a good health care system, something we can be proud of and most important, free for everybody. Poeple’s Helth care  cannot be a bussiness it must be a right.





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