The destruction of America

Trump is just a big distraction

From the point of view of the dominant upper classes, the so-called financial elites, Trump J Trump is giving them everything they want.

The role of Donald J Trump , conscious or unconscious, is that all media outlets are watching him and not what is really happening in the country, or what he is doing with the country.

Every time you turn on the television, you read a newspaper, the radio, cable, everything revolves around him, As a result, you only think about him.


In order to keep this audience hypnotized with his person, Trump J Trump has to do or say a lot of bullshit, ridiculous, or lie ,  otherwise nobody would pay attention to him.

Therefore every day Trump  must is in the media, doing something more stupid than the day before, so in order to keep us busy with his figure. So far this system works and very well for him.

The destruction that is causing the Trump government

While all this is happening, in the background, the destruction of the environment, labor rights, consumer protection, pollution of the seas, fishing, deregulation of important companies, etc., the  price tag is incalculable.

Trump‘s team is dismantling every aspect that benefits the people of our country, benefiting only great fortunes and corporations.

The republican party also stops the country from having a Universal health care system, something that most develop countries have and we lack, due to the stupid idea that big govermet is not good.

The truth is that not having a Universal Heath care benefits only insurance companies.

The health of the Planet

The most important policies are hardly discussed at any level.

It is this generation that must decide if we continue with the way we live.

This system is ruining the environment and therefore our lives. Likewise the lives of everything that wades on the planet.

Please do not forget that without them we are simply lost.

Both the environment and the US nuclear policies are in the hands of a clown who is considered by the vast majority of the world as incompetent with a monstrous ego.

Trump J Trump only cares about making money and bragging about it. Trump does nor care if our oceans are full of plastic, and the consequenses this already have  in our lives.

Trump has the immense nuclear power at his disposal, which means that we can cease to exist if he so wishes.

Maybe someone would leave his egotistical granddad in charge of the nuclear button.

Trump and Evangelical Christianity

The president has the support of many Christian organizations for his defense of evangelical Christianity. Apparently God must be defended and so powerful he  is not. The thing is that they support him a lot. We wonder if Jesus had supported him and we are sure that the answer is no, under any point of view. Jesus would never be republican, that’s a fact.

We must say that it is only Donald Trump, but, that the entire Republican party. The entire party has denied global warming and has always struggled to deregulate the corporations to do whatever they want, without any control over the environment or the people.

This is a breaking point in hour history,  I mean the human history, it’s not only about the USA,  thus, it’s about the  world, impeach this clown before it’s too late.



As a result


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