Canadian HealthCare is far better than ours

Healthcare in Canada is publicly funded. Canadian citizens and permanent residents may apply for public health insurance for Canada from their province or territory. It ensures you don’t have to pay for most healthcare services, as the costs are covered by general taxation.

The barrier to universal healthcare is not economic but political.Is profligate spending on health care really a conservative value? We belive so.

Republicans only care for corporate money earnings

If socialized medicine could be in conformity with conservative principles, what about Republican principles? I mean money.

This may seem a nonstarter given the pious market Calvinism of Paul Ryan and Congressmen like Reps. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) and Mo Brooks (R-Ala.), who seem opposed to the very idea of health insurance of any kind at all.

But their fanaticism is surprisingly unpopular in the U.S. According to recent polling, less than 25 percent of Americans approve of the recent GOP healthcare bills. Other polls show even lower numbers.

These Republicans are also profoundly out of step with conservative parties in the rest of the world.
No one looks at our expensive American mess as a model. It’s expensive, too many people can not afford it.

Someday public pressure will force the goberment to embrace public healthcare.