Who would Jesus shoot?

Jesus left the world exactly as it was before his coming, a big bloody  mess.

Wo would shoot Jesus?
No one – Jesus Himself came specifically to be the “Suffering Servant”, and so it was His mission to bear all assaults and indignities patiently.
Normal people realize that Jesus is not in the business of taking life, but of giving life.

Given that Jesus had no history of slaying anyone during his entire stay on earth, despite the fact that he had what most of us would consider ample cause at many junctures, even at the height of his anger at the temple, I would say no one, ever.

Jesus is God, according to those who worship Jesus.
You can’t get very far into the Bible before God goes on a killing spree.

He’s used floods, fires, earthquakes, diseases, sword-bearing armies, the Angel of Death himself, pretty much everything but guns, and if guns had been invented then, you can bet he would have had his chosen people go forth and bust a cap.

So maybe Jesus  would shoot people, but it makes no sense really.
The most violent that Jesus is ever recorded to have been was when he threw the moneychangers out of the temple.

Even this display of anger on Jesus’ part did not rise to the level of anger needed to fire a weapon.  An analogy would be Jesus using a sword or spear, which he never did.

What is obvious is the use of religion by groups of interest, especially in arms business, as in the case of the United States.

Another thing that is also obvious is that God does nothing to stop it
Guns and Jesus don’t mix.

The Bible and the gun business

There’s a company selling rifle sights to the U.S. military that are inscribed with Bible verses.

These sights are being used with weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not only that, but they’re being used by the Iraqi and Afghan military trainees. All this in a war where the more radical elements are convinced that it’s some sort of crusade.

What could possibly go wrong? all !