The ecological holocaust

We are so busy with our lives that we do not see what is happening with our seas

The ecological holocaust is happening right before our own eyes. We can`t see it because We are so busy working to be able to obtain all the wonders that the market offer us.

To a certain extent, dealing with our biology, we can guide the course of our lives, but it can also be done without direction.

Do not worry, the market will solve it, the market will change everything, just as television commercials do.

The system works against us

The system has us captivated, leaving almost no free time to see what they do not want you to see, we are being poisoned by ourselves.

Because this civilization is based on the growth and continuous multiplication of mass consumption, this is good for the industry and generates money, a lot of money.

They tell us that the environment holds everything, that everything the scientists say is a deception, a great deception, even though we see in the Pacific ocean rivers of plastic that form islands.

Plastic waste kills one million birds and about 100,000 marine mammals per year and it is estimated that 80% of this pollution comes from land-based activities. By 2050 there will be more plastics than fish in the oceans.



These are the product of the fragmentation and wear of larger plastics. Plastic erosions used in agricultural applications can get through runoff, from the ground; microplastics generated by the abrasion of tires in use come through the air or runoff; plastic waste in coastal areas or beaches, when decomposed, can be lodged in sediments.

Then the fish eat them thinking it’s food. These fish arrive at our plates and we proceed to eat them ourselves.

These plastics contain chemical elements with unknown side effects and others that we know well their poisonous effects on our body and the body of our children.


All this to the market does not interest him, for the market the important thing is the benefits they obtain.
The reality is that almost everything comes with plastics in a supermarket, try to buy something that does not contain plastics, it is very complicated.

Our food, our fields are all slowly being poisoned by unscrupulous corporations.  We are undoubtedly the worst danger to life on this planet.

The Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean contains such an amount of plastic waste that it covers an area equivalent to twice the size of the United States.
United Nations estimates that each square mile of ocean contains an average of 46,000 pieces of floating plastic.

Solid waste such as bags, foam and other waste dumped in the oceans from land or from boats at sea, end up being mostly food for birds, fish and marine mammals that confuse them with food, with very disastrous consequences.

Our politicians have us busy with big flags, with words like freedom, with great speeches about how great our country is, God is with us they say.

T¡hey say nothing  about the biological holocaust, not a word that is not denying what is so obvious. God is not with us.
We are poisoned the environment, the environment that is absolutely necessary to survive as a species.