Are Americans so dumb?

Most people in this world are wondering how it is possible for Trump to continue being president after the thousands of lies he has said.

Sometimes you have to realize that what you believe to be an accurate representation of the world simply isn’t. What’s happening to our country, what’s happening in the United States right now under Trump’s America.

American writers and foreign writers who are trying to sort of figure out what exactly has led to this trumpian America status quo in which we find ourselves.
In his inauguration speech he promised never to lie to the American people; it turned out that was a lie.

Some writers have ascribed this to fear of losing status real or perceived influenced people into voting for Donald Trump in 2016 and that is part of it others have ascribed to racism and xenophobia the motivation to vote for someone like Donald Trump and of course that’s a part of it for sure.

Trump skills at persuasion

We can say that Trump’s skills at persuasion and influence, even if he doesn’t get every policy , Trump’s persuasion skills influenced a lot of people to vote for him.

Part of it was that  Hillary had a bad candidate angle. Hillary was more of the same BS that we’ve had for so many years. Nonetheless that doesn’t explain why Trump today maintains an approval rating in the high 30s or low 40s.

We’ve heard the meme of tribalism and partisanship cited as why we have so many people who support Trump despite being an obvious liar.  There are just lots of dumb people and some of them vote. They don’t understand anything and they’re not going to understand anything.


Part of it is because education and thinking itself has been stigmatized and smeared as liberal nonsense.

If you believe a con man who knows nothing about trade ,  he’s going to fix the problem and eliminates the trade deficit and then you see the numbers that the trade deficit is up despite all of his negotiations and the tariffs, you realize you have been cheated.

A person who is informed and capable of critical thinking says you know what he lied and he’s a con man and I can’t support him anymore.
Trump building a wall with Mexico that Mexico will pay for,  that was never going to happen.

Trump said Mexico was going to pay for it, that was another big lie, this one we knew that was never going to happen.

The tax cut was only good for rich people and corporations,  while the debt has increased alarmingly, cheated again.

Trumps’s sex scandals and lies never stop, despite this, Trump maintains great support. Under Donald Trump at a certain point you have to say it’s not just tribalism it’s also ignorant.

When you have a system that makes it easier to get a gun than to drive a car this is simply inconceivable in most developed countries the world. With some 11,000 people in the US killed in firearm assaults each year. This simply crazy.

Are americans dumb?

We support a system that destroys the environment, poisons our food with additives, poisons the air, the oceans, the water we drink.
Our health system, the most expensive in the world, is deficient , it is only good for those who have money leaving millions without health insurance. We are only good for war.

Any other president with the amount of lies Trump has said, would have already been removed. Are Americans so dumb?

When Trump says 4,000 terrorists were captured at the border but his own administration say it was zero you just want to punch every Trump supporter you see right in the brain!